Derive of Sounds

Friday Night on Crown Street provides a soundscape rich with experiences

Produced by Tyler Pertman and Amy Su

Audio icon Crown Street Derive18.9 MB


2.56:  on the street:  a live rendition of a selection from Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

4.22:  conversational cacophony and laughter

7.30:  outside, the street, again.  car wheels on a rain-wet street.

12.50:  interview with karaoke proprietor

14.25:  “a big space downtown,” interview continued.  A success story of Project Storefronts. 

15.08:  “A complicated question.”  The only Karaoke bar in Connecticut.  Market catchment:  “a large geographic footprint, as far North as Hartford, as far West as Stamford, as far East as Mystic.”

20.00:  The problems downtown.