Using Historypin

What is Historypin?

Historypin is a web and mobile application. It allows anyone to share pieces of history on a map. A picture, video, or audio clip can be pinned to a location and be visualized on the map. Any kind of descriptive or narrative text can be added to the pin. This app is being used in the Interactive Crown Street project as a way for the public to add their own data. 

Images can be of any location - outdoors or indoors - at any time in the past. Some of these images, if they are taken outdoors, at street level and at certain angles, will be able to be layered onto Street View (this is a bonus, not a requirement). Audio and video content can also be pinned to the map. These should be pinned to the location and date where they were recorded.

Where can I get it?


You can use Historypin from your web browser by clicking here

Mobile app

Downloading the free app (for Android, iPhone and Windows) by clicking here

How do I log in?


For the mobile version, you must use a Google account. Therefore, we recommend you use a Google account if you wish to use Historypin on both the website and the mobile app. For website-only access, you can use your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account to log in to Historypin. Click on the Log in link at the top right hand corner of the website, or click the appropriate button in the app.

Click here for more detailed instructions on how to create an account and username

Mobile app

To log into the app, open the app and click on the button on the bottom that says Log in. Enter your Google email and password. You may use Historypin with your Yale EliApps account as well- enter in your Yale email.