What is a tour?

Tours guide you step-by-step on a journey through a series of historical recordings. While you can take the tour virtually using your web browser, we recommend you take the tour on-site while using your mobile device for the best experience.

How do I create a tour?

You can use pins to create your own custom-made crowdsourced tour!

You must use the web version of Historypin to do this- unfortunately the mobile version doesn’t allow for the creation of tours. Once you have created your tour, you can view and take it from the mobile app.

  1. You can add pins to your tour that you have either added yourself or other pins you have ‘favorited’. On the web version of Historypin, click on the pin you want to add, and click on the Favourite button  on the bottom left.
  2. In tours, click on Create a new tour , enter your title/description, and click Choose content 
  3. Click on the pink plus sign to add a pin to your tour, or the pink X to remove it. Click next to choose the order.

You can watch this video for step-by-step instructions:

Or click here for more detailed instructions on creating a tour 

How do a take a tour?

You can take a tour on your mobile device. To take a tour that you created, click on My Channel   from the main menu, and then click on Tours  at the bottom. Here you can view the pins on your tour in steps and on the map.